clienteleBoulder Tech Support and Consulting for Your Startup or Small Business

Startups and small businesses are Strive’s specialty clientele. We like the size of small businesses because we can get to know the staff personally, and easily understand the needs of the business. No two businesses are alike; small ones especially. Lucky for us, there are plenty of small businesses in Boulder, Broomfield, Westminster, and other surrounding towns!

Startups are a special breed that many tech consulting firms misunderstand. You most likely have a staff full of technical people. But why waste their time and talents on maintaining the computer network? They should be able to work seamlessly within that network, not worry about maintaining it!

How we help our clientele

Let us help design the best technology infrastructure for you. Are Google Docs right for your business, or are there hidden risk and costs? Do you need a full fledged server with VPN and Microsoft’s Exchange mail server, or would a hosted solution be a better option for you?

Are you just starting a business in the Boulder, Colorado area? Do you only need tech support or advice? Or would you prefer to have a team of IT professionals handle your entire tech setup and maintenance plan for you? No matter what your needs may be, Strive can help you establish an efficient technology system for your business.

If you are an established organization that might be questioning its current IT processes, we would be happy to come in and discuss your company’s needs free of charge. We provide tech consulting and support to businesses in Boulder, Broomfield, and Westminster, Colorado. Learn more about our services here.

Contact us today to find out how Strive can help your business’s technology operate the way it should – so you don’t have to worry about it!