Reliable And Responsive

Excellent - Strive Technology Consulting provides us comprehensively reliable, responsive and straightforward service. The level of technical knowledge and application, whether the problem is complex or simple, is by far the best I have experienced. I highly recommend their services and the peace of mind it provides.

De Wayne Crowder De Wayne Crowder President
Comprehensive Traffic Systems

Always Going The Extra Mile

Thank you for all the great service you've given us! When we call, you answer. When we need help, you have been "Johnny-on-the-spot" and always prompt, if not early. Many times you have gone above and beyond the call of duty, or helped us when something wasn't technically your responsibility but you knew we needed it. We recommend this company whole-heartedly!

Drs. Vicki and Charles Kelsey Drs. Vicki and Charles Kelsey Aquarius Functional Neurology

Strive Makes IT Security Simple!

We called in Strive to help us with our cyber security certification. They helped us meet all the requirements with ease and explained all the security terms in a way we could understand. What’s best is that all this added security causes little to no interruption in our normal day, and our IT operations continue run like a top. As a small business owner, I feel confident knowing that our security is now among the best out there and the hackers will look elsewhere for an easier target to attack.

Golden Rueckert Golden Rueckert President
PDA Investigations